Established in 1999, we are a team of talented software and business professionals having international exposure, serving clients in US and Europe. Working with SMBs to Fortune 500 companies, we have developed solutions for many verticals using a multitude of technologies. The company stands out among peers by incorporating its values and philosophy into every aspect of its operations.

In these 14 years, we have spread our operations into providing multiple services to Supply Chain domain, offering solutions for various players in the industry for multiple verticals. Apart from this, we have grown to cover Travels & Cargo domains. Upkeep of well established products in the Funeral Industry have proven us as a competent Solution-Provider capable of delivering high-quality software products.

We proudly say that we do not have a special sales team to brag about us but still have our plates filled with projects that keep us engaged for the next few years. The quality of software delivered by us has attracted other clients from US and Europe. We believe this is the foundation upon which we have made it possible to grow to the current stage from a tiny start-up company in 1999.

We believe in and provide

  • Service Commitment
  • Quality
  • Simple & Elegant Solutions